• Rich Color Improvements - Home Remodeling in Lewisville TX
  • Rich Color Improvements - Home Remodeling in Lewisville TX

Putting Your Home Remodeling Ideas Into Motion

As a homeowner, once you decide you are going to do a remodeling project, the stage is set in your mind. You have the ideas, you have the money, and now you have selected your remodeling contractor to do the work. It sounds easy,  right? What could go wrong? Well, it’s not always going to be that cut and dry (hardly ever). At Rich Color Improvements, we remodel homes for a living, so we’re certainly not trying to discourage you, We just want to make sure you have a realistic idea how your project process will unfold – before – you jump in with both feet.

Cracking some eggs to make an omelet!

Regardless of the type of remodeling you are doing there is going to be some degree of demolition work. You have to allow time to remove the “old” before you get to start to work on the “new”.

Getting and keeping everyone on the same page . . .

Depending on the scope of the project, we will be working with different trades, subcontractors, and vendors who are needed in the space at any given time. It is essential that we “juggle” everyone involved to minimize any downtime that ‘trade 1’ has while waiting for ‘trade 2’ may cause. Sometimes you, the homeowner, need to be there to give specific details or approvals, so we must coordinate with your schedule as well. Our years of experience and best practices we’ve developed helps us manage projects as efficiently as possible. But, we are dealing with many other persons on your behalf, and schedules may not flow as seamlessly at all times as we (or you) would like. It’s something to be anticipated, and worked diligently.

Behind the wall, under the floor, setting the foundation for success .  . .

After the demolition work, but before the visible “new” gets installed, we have to get things in order behind the wall, or under the floor. Electricians and plumbers do their work behind the scenes to help create the space you dreamed of – one that is up-to-code, providing the safety and serviceability you expect. You don’t want a surprise years from now with something done out of sight that wasn’t done properly.

Now you see it!

Once the demolition and the behind the scenes work is complete you start to see activity in your space, like cabinet installation, prep and painting, plumbing and appliance hook-ups, flooring and all the finishing touches. Things are starting to shape up and you can start to really gauge progress.

Home Remodeling Success

Of course this all depends on the type of remodel you are doing whether it be living room, kitchen, bath, etc., as each job type will have a unique timeline. With all that being said you can rest easy knowing that Rich Color Improvements will be honest and proactive with all your home remodeling information. We have been serving our clients since 1996, we have completed projects ranging from repairs and painting to complete kitchen and bath remodels, and everything in between. We take your vision and “build on it” . . . helping you love your home is our mission. Rich Color is dedicated to the satisfaction of each and every home or business owner we work with. Just ask our customers!

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